Sosave sandbags Description:

More Effective Than Traditional Sandbags.The latest technology - a flat packed Sandbag that inflates to defend your home or business.SOSAVE is professionally providing instant sandbags sandless sandbags, please enjoy the video which shows the way of using Sosave sandbags and a case of flood defence barriers for study.

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SOSAVE sandbags are an ideal valuable aid for flood protection

  • Extremely lightweight – A box of 20 weighs only 7.5kg – so, no need to transport heavy traditional sandbags from other suppliers or locations before flooding.

  • Practical – Sosave sandless sandbags reduce the need to transport traditional sandbags to site and offers immediate flood defence during flooding when hydrated whilst remaining compact until required.

  • Compact and easy to store until needed - Flat-packed, a box of 20 Sosave sandbags are only 620mm x 400mm x 320mm and is guaranteed to store for five years.A real valuable flood prevention preparation.

  • Easy to make ready for use – just immerse the Sosave sandbags in water for three to five minutes to get a real instant sandless sandbag.

  • Effective - Sosave sandless sandbags create a stackable barrier which resists or diverts water ingress and will perform like a traditional sand-filled sandbag.

  • Clean – Sosave sandless sandbags only contain water so will not leave sand residue before or after use.We can definitely call it sandless sandbag. A good flood defence help.

  • Easy to dispose of after use – Due to their ability to return to flat after use, the Sosave sandless sandbags are simple to dispose of unlike traditional sand-filled sandbags.

  • Environmentally friendly – Sosave sandless sandbags will return water to the environment gradually and naturally over time and are themselves biodegradable.It won't become a trouble after flood defence.

  • Value for money – When you consider the costs of flooding in terms of reparation to the damage to your home and your quality of life, for relatively little investment, Sosave sandless sandbags represent good value for flood protection.

  • Peace of mind – Sosave sandbags give you satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that you are taking proactive measures of flood prevention to ensure that you have limited the damage a flood could cause to your property.

Easy to freight.
With Sosave sandbag, it's easy to carry and creat a truck of sandbags in anywhere. Sosave sandbags are a perfect thing to help you with flood protection and flood defence!

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