Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the Sosave Sandbags last if stored unused ? – The Sosave Sandbags are supplied in a protective wrapper and will last for five years.

  • How much space will they take up ? – Hardly any. A box of ten Sosave Sandbags are only 35cm x 40cm x 16cm – about the size of two shoe-boxes.

  • How will the Sosave Sandbags protect my property ? - The Sosave Sandbags will provide a water resistant barrier in the same way that a sand-filled sand bag will do except without the mess and inconvenience.

  • How many Sosave Sandbags will I need to defend one doorway ? – We suggest an average doorway will require 13 – 14 Sosave Sandbags and you should stagger the layers like a brick wall.

  • What are the Sosave Sandbags made of ? - They are made of a jute material together with a thin layer of cotton/nonwoven bag and they contain a water absorbing material.

  • How big is an Sosave Sandbag ? – 35cm x 65cm x 1cm before activation, 30cm x 60cm x 15cm after immersion in water.

  • How does the Sosave Sandbags work ? – The Sosave Sandbags contain a Super Absorbant Polymer (SAP) which expands to many times its own weight and size when immersed in water.

  • How do I activate the Sosave Sandbag ? – Immerse them in water for five minutes and they will grow to around 15±3kiloes in weight.

  • Can Sosave Sandbags be used more than once ? – It can be. But we don’t recommend you try to use the sosave sandbags more than once as they won’t hydrate efficiently after the first time.

  • Are Sosave Sandbags environmentally friendly ? – Yes. Completely biodegradable.

  • Where can I buy Sosave Sandbag ? – Please feel free to give a contact davidho@sosavebag.com, SOSAVE staff are always ready and pleased to answer your questions and provide all necessary support.

  • What do I do with the Sosave Sandbags after I have used them ? – If allowed to dry, the Sosave Sandbags will go flat again after a few weeks. They can then be easily disposed of unlike traditional sand –filled sandbags.Please directly contact us for more suggestions in different cases, but don't worry, Sosave Sandbags are totally environmentally friendly, totally biodegradable.

  • What other uses does the Sosave Sandbag have ? – The Sosave Sandbags can be used to contain or ‘mop-up’ spillages (like a big sponge) or to divert water from a burst pipe or drain, and they can also be planted with trees to assist plant and soil hydration.

  • What level of protection will Sosave Sandbags give me ? – Better than traditional sand-filled sandbags.

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